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What you really mean when you say “That’s So Not Me” | Why You Fall For The Lies Of Your Paradigms

The second you were born there were high expectations placed on you; human-level expectations… and these expectations were mainly subconsciously placed.

These expectations drove you to sacrifice your self + your soul for approval, money, friends, “fitting in”, love, and more. And this was normal thing, with parents around the world telling their children “That’s life, you gotta give up something to achieve something else.”

But WHAT we had to give up… was unclear. Human consciousness just decided that there is a certain way to “behave” and as long as majority of the world believed that, then you were on the right side of things if you acted in accordance to those expectations.

Science decided that things were only true if we could experience them with the senses. And anyone who lived outside of these expectations were considered “crazy, lost, arrogant, rude, entitled, and so much more.”

Those who are fooled by the paradigms of the world, tend to judge those who don’t live by those rules. In an attempt to make themselves feel better, they label themselves as “this kind of person”.

Just like when a coach tells a client that they have to be more confident on sales calls, the client says “that’s so not me.”

What you’re really saying when you make that statement, is “I am so fooled by my paradigms, and controlled by the beliefs of society that i THINK i know who I am, even though I’m not living life up to my standards, and in order to maintain this comfort level I will label myself as someone who is “above” doing what I need to do to achieve my dreams.”

You have choices to do what you want to do. of course you do. You have likes and dislikes… resonance and dissonance. But instead of using that perspective, we allow ourselves to let our paradigms control us and fool us into thinking there’s such a thing as getting successful while staying comfortable. Playing behind the scenes while making a huge impact in the front lines? Not going to happen.

The phrase “that’s so not me” is used as a cover, as a way to downplay the importance of change – considering you are in a chaotic, always-changing Universe that you MUST keep up with in order to prosper.

It’s difficult to take a look at the paradigm-mirror… because it’s a disruptor of our current energy field. But what change ever came from static, dead energy?

Dig beneath “That’s so not me”… scary isn’t it? You almost tried to avoid it there. But something in you knows… you’re bigger, bolder, and stronger than you think you are. You’re just scared about what would happen to your current reality if you let that beast out.

Let it out. You’ve waited long enough. On the other side lie millions of dollars, clients, love, happiness, and insane power.

The only sacrifice you ever had to make, was their approval.

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