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Nothing kills manifestation more than THIS phrase….
.. Are you ready?

“It’s okay if I don’t do it/invest in it/change it/ say it NOW.”

Manifestation killer. Right there.

Because what you have there, my friend, is a hole in your standards. A hole in your integrity and a hole in your frequency, through which your HIGHEST level of good can escape. And will escape. Because your energy is not magnetic or attractive enough to HOLD big money, love, health energy.

And when it escapes, we wonder why it always happens. But if you dig deeper – you CAUSED it.

One that comes a very close second as a manifestation killer is “well this always happens anyway, so it’ll probably happen again.”

Manifestation killer. Dead energy.

Your ideal clients can’t find you because your energy is blocked by your paradigms. They will gravitate to those more magnetic.

That’s why you wonder that you seem to be BETTER at what you do than someone else, but why the heck is all the money going there?

Your energy grid is dark. They can’t find you. Money can’t find you.

You have to shatter your paradigms (not suppress them there is a HUGE difference)… and let the light SHINE big.

The Magnetic Mastermind is YOUR place if you are ready to be SEEN, HEARD, WEALTHY, HEALTHY and so much more.

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