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Why LOA taught the way it is today creates MAJOR frustration

In between setting your intention –> manifestation… there’s not a whole lot you’re sure about.

You’re trusting that somehow it will work … but you have NO clue what’s really going on. And when it doesn’t happen on time… somehow we are supposed to trust again that somewhere, we went wrong (we don’t even know exactly where), and we should keep going anyway.

And this… makes you feel powerless.

Law of attraction is a LAW. Law means, it should be predictable and consistent. It should work EVERY time. And yeah, we can say that it is always working, which it is… but why aren’t your RESULTS here?

People have come to us, swearing that they have HELD the image in their imagination, felt what they were supposed to feel… and nothing.

Not surprising. Because there’s a deeper layer to this. A layer, that when exposed, creates massive riches, clients, success, health and love in your life.

BUT… this is the place most LOA experts will tell you NEVER to explore. It’s the part of you that you have ignored to the point that you can’t even hear/feel/see it anymore.

So.. now what? Now… your magnetic field is weak. Results trickle to you like a wacky, electrocuted machine instead of a consistent powerful EXPLOSION and quantum leap.

There’s no wonder the LOA practices (meditation/visualization/repetition) aren’t working for you. You’re missing a HUGE piece… one that you’re very unlikely to find where you are.

When this piece of the puzzle is discovered… magic happens. Our clients start closing full paid BIG sales. They start receiving income and clients “out of the blue”. People come to THEM to buy. It’s like the law began working the way it should have in the first place.

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It shouldn’t be this hard.