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The Problem with Visualization [Why It NEVER Feels Like You’re Actually There & It Therefore Never Manifests On Time Like It Should]

The constant struggle to embrace the feeling of a desire fulfilled is a constant seeking that will bleed you dry of your manifesting power.

The biggest issue is that you think your desire is on a higher frequency than you are.

This constant need to feel on a “high vibe” is exhausting. It is disappointing and does serious damage to your self-worth – because you think you need to be something other than TOTALLY in LOVE with yourself, your genius and your life.

Even worse, you think imagining your new house/a deposit of cash/a new client will fill that big gaping hole in you.

Your visualization will ALWAYS and FOREVER be a fantasy if your deepest darkest shadows and paradigms aren’t eradicated – the same ones you’re told NOT to focus on in case you end up attracting a “negative experience”.

You find yourself running to visualization as a band aid, a temporary dose of good feelings to help you feel worthy of the thing that you want. You write something down a hundred times hoping your subconscious will take in some of it just to give you what you desire. You rush to pull out a book that gives you a way out of experiencing the NECESSARY, chaotic emotions of up-leveling.

This cycle continues to repeat itself. Over and over again. Until one day, you realize… you don’t believe in you anymore. You believe in your visualization. You believe in your repetition. You believe in that expert you carry around with you.

And you wonder why the Universe isn’t giving you what you want.

The only way to feel like you’re there. Is to be there. And what you don’t understand… is that “there” isn’t your new home. It’s not your bank account. It’s the place you arrive at after you dare to face the chaos of upleveling.

Locking yourself in a room to visualize without actually facing the chaos of life to uplevel you while you do it… You know what that does to your results?

It makes them TEMPORARY.

Predictable cash appears without fail, by law, when you uplevel on purpose. When you INJECT the chaos with intention of your goal. When you deliberately CHOOSE the chaos over your comfort zone.

What kind of Universe would you be living in, if it gave you everything you wanted without smashing your fears? Without daring you to be a total match to your highest standard?

Your next-level income requires next-level manifesting power. This power is unleashed when you smash through your darkest paradigms. It is not found in the light.