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The Expansion of Your Magnetic Field [Collapsing Time & Ditching The Idea of Gestation]

You have a magnetic field that surrounds you, and is the container for the results you currently have in your life.

If you have not yet achieved your goal, your container isn’t ready for it – and this is where most LOA teachers will tell you to allow gestation.

However… you are not controlled by time. You CONTROL time. Time is malleable. It can collapsed, expanded, and freeze altogether.

Years and years of ripping parts of your soul, giving it to people and circumstances in exchange for approval, security, money, fame… have left you with a barely magnetic energy field, that is literally useless at manifestation.

So then, you hear about the secret to manifestation. And you start visualizing, and journaling and repeating affirmations. You start seeing results. You get your hopes up that you finally found something that works.

… But you never seem to achieve the big goals, and if you do, they usually take forever, require you to work extremely hard, and lose out on the other luxuries of life.

What kind of a law doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to? What the heck right?

Here’s the issue: You’re trying to win the manifestation race without fuel in the tank. You’ve upgraded your vehicle/channel in every way with all the rituals… but you’re missing fuel. You end up pushing forward, and it kind of runs, but not really.

You CANNOT force your magnetic field to hold the big cash, no matter how hard you work, whether it’s locking yourself in a room for 24 hours reprogramming your mind, or getting on a million sales calls.

It will expand when you add power BACK into it. And it will expand NATURALLY.

HOW do you add power back into it? You take SPECIFIC paradigm-shattering actions that sever the ties between your ripped-up soul and the people/events/commitments that are BENEATH your highest standard.

This causes a disruption, an explosion, that alchemizes the energy and sends it back into YOU. This is the terrifying part.

Because you’ve been talking yourself out of the exact actions you SHOULD be taking.

There are consequences for listening to your fears over time … and it requires a powerful act to detach itself from past events in order to return to you.

But once it does… You naturally expand until you are naturally magnetic enough for your big $$ goal… and then:

– You get out of the blue messages and discovery calls
– $7.6k paid in full for the first time in 7 days
– $5k paid in full in two weeks even though you had NEVER sold a full-paid package before.

The above are real results, from real people. The actions they took… were unbelievably RANDOM in relation to their results. But they held a lot of power.

Take control of time. See through the illusion. Decide this gets to happen NOW.